17Hats is a platform that helps entrepreneurs manage their small businesses. Their tools help their clients with invoicing, contracts and client management. While developing their mobile application they needed some assistance, they didn't have a way to introduce users to their new app. 17Hats needed an introduction graphic that new users can swipe through to become familiarized with the applications functionality. After sharing some initial sketches with them and speaking about our vision we created an endearing graphic to greet new users and acquaint them with the application.

The Images

The graphics and supporting text give the users a warm introduction to the application as well as informing them of the features and services the application will provide them with. The illustrations incorporate design elements of the application as well as depicting the cycles one goes through when managing new clients in a effortless manner.

In Motion

As the user swipes through the various graphics their finger placement is tracked and controls the different animated sequences.

"This is amazing, really great work! .. Thank you, thank you! .. You are incredible!”
– Jennifer | Director of UX, 17Hats