Cen-Tex Dental

Cen-Tex Dental is a family run dental practice located in Killeen, Texas. They have a dedicated staff of experienced and friendly individuals that strive to make each experience as enjoyable as possible. They needed us to create an identity for them that would portray a welcoming image and set them apart from the other dental offices in the neighboring areas.

The Look

Cen-Tex Dental sees a lot of pediatric clients and wanted to create a warm, fun-loving environment for their patients, so we utilized a bright, cheerful color palette that is used throughout their promotional items, office space and online presence.

Identity System

We created a visual identity system composed of interchangeable assets that all fit in the same family for use throughout the dental clinic to fulfill their various needs. The elements all share characteristics, but they are used differently, depending on the scale they will be displayed at.