Nader Yermian D.D.S.

Dr. Yermian is one of Los Angeles's top-ranked cosmetic dentists and is committed to providing the highest quality dental care available. As a leading dentist in Beverly Hills he serves a high profile clientele composed of Hollywood celebrities and industry professionals. He came to Wabbit Studio because he needed a visual identity that would continue to cater to his clients. He needed a rebrand that would reflect his dedication to dentistry and attention to detail utilized throughout his practice.

The Monogram

The decision to create a monogram for Dr. Yermian was because we wanted to create an identity for his practice that was classic and exuded high quality. If monograms are fit for monarchs and royalty then their is no better way to represent one of the most prestigious dentists in Beverly Hills.


To compliment the elegant monogram, we created a visual system for Dr. Yermian that includes a classic color palette and quirky pattern to modernize his identity. Elements of the designs we created are being used throughout his practice, turning his once ordinary identity into a memorable one that draws attention and reflects his quality work.

"The work you have delivered is truly better than we could have imagined. We have always done really great work at these offices, but we didn't have a brand to be proud of until you came along and developed one for us. Now our image reflects our quality of work and our clients know to expect the best from us. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, it has been a pleasure." - Dr. Yermian