ten lil' imprints

Ten Lil’ Imprints is a leader in the field of hand and foot imprint kits. They use a unique technology that allows their product to be ink-less, while capturing children's feet and hand prints to transfer to paper. These prints can be framed or scanned for various uses. Their technology allows the process to be painless and mess-free.

How We Helped

Wabbit Studio worked alongside our friend Joo-Hee Yun to re-design the Ten Lil’ Imprints brand to reflect their novel product. We wanted to stay true to the company, so we incorporated elements of their previous identity and transformed them for use in their new logo.

We created packaging that informs the consumer of what the product does to drive more sales. We also created design elements for their digital store, a new visual identity, branding, packaging and new website.

Thank You

Wabbit Studio loves to take on new challenges and work with unique brands. The success of this re-design lead to the company creating a new product line geared towards pets that we had the pleasure of designing as well.