Clear Glass Company

Clear Glass Company is a window repair & replacement company that was in need of a new brand identity and website. They came to Wabbit Studio with the desire to create a brand that stands out from their competitors. Often, repair technicians are stereotyped as messy and unkempt, this brand was positioned to challenge that perspective. Wabbit Studio utilized a vibrant shade of magenta that would stand out on their uniforms and vehicles to contrast what would be expected from similar businesses.

Throughout our discovery sessions with Clear Glass Company we determined that they have two different client bases that needed to be catered towards differently. The brand had to feel like a local community business for individuals with smaller needs around their neighborhood, but still professional enough to handle large jobs from big corporations. The result was an identity that is flexible, utilizing different mascots for each use case, while keeping congruence by using the same shaped glass we create for their logo. These mascots, along with branding elements that tied the two looks together worked to create a cohesive brand.