Majime makes handcrafted blades inspired by traditional Japanese chef knives. The knives are made with a variety of wood grains, steels and stains, resulting in each knife being unique. Majime needed an identity to take their backyard endeavor and make it a brand that stands out amongst its competitors. Wabbit Studio worked to make a logo that fits within a minimal Japanese aesthetic, but could also be used in a variety of ways to add flavor to the brand and compliment the intricate detailing on the knives.

The logo is based on a octagon, to fit in the base of the octagonal knife handles and not distract from the natural beauty of the blades. The simple form allows for its use in patterning inspired by Japanese origami paper and textiles. The beautiful knives now have beautiful packaging, merchandise and a visual identity they can be proud of. The identity successfully pays homage to the Japanese aesthetic the blades are inspired by while being unique and staying true to the knife makers process.