Vicente Dental

Vicente Dental is a boutique dental practice located in Brentwood, Los Angeles. They aim to create a welcoming and memorable dental experience for their clients. The scope of the project included interior design consulting, social media marketing, web-design and a visual identity system for Vicente Dental. The project began with the visual identity. An elegant handmade script was created for the logo to reflect the precision and attention to detail that is present in the dental work at Vicente Dental. The script lent itself to be used in a myriad of different color combinations, neon signage for the office, accessories for the patients and use across the office space. The creation of the logo was followed closely by the design of all the supplementary imagery used throughout the office space and stationary. The designs inspired a mural created for the office for patients to take photos, fun appointment reminder cards and take-aways for the patients to keep. Wabbit Studio was able to successfully create a brand for Vicente Dental that is loved by the patients.